Suunto Quest – Suunto Revitalizes The Toudoors With Their Stylish and High-Tech New Touch-Screen Sports Wrist Watch

For those who enjoy getting out in the outdoors, Suunto have gone to great lengths to accommodate your needs with the new Suunto Quest sports precision watch that is designed specifically to help sports enthusiasts get the most from their outdoor training activities. If you are passionate about the outdoors, then the Suunto Quest watch has been specifically designed with outdoor activities in mind. The watch is capable of advanced analysis, planning and training and this watch also has an eye-catching design, you are sure to look sharp and get frequent compliments with the Suunto Quest watch and it is also very lightweight and comfortable.

This watch supports Suunto’s popular heart rate monitor chest strap devices and also a foot pod and GPS pod, that allows the watch to measure speed and distance to a high degree of accuracy. The Suunto Quest watch is a suitable watch for runners and features a tap-screen technology that is similar to the Garmin Forerunner 610. Inclusive in the long list of high performance sports watch features supported by the Suunto Quest are: interval timers, real-time heart rate display, a customizable display screen, stopwatch with laps (can be recorded simply by tapping the screen), real-time recovery and more. The running tools supported in the Suunto Quest watch can be accessed via an intuitive three-button interface.

More and more runners and athletes are turning to running cadence as a tool for working towards greater running efficiency. When the foot pod is activated your cadence as well as your speed, pace and distance details can be displayed on the watch. When using one of Suunto’s heart rate belts, it is possible to set up heart rate zone training, to ensure that you run at the right intensity for optimal fitness and performance improvement. If your heart rate gets too high or too low, the watch will alert you that you are outside your optimum heart rate zone, allowing you to adjust your pace.

Bellow are the features of the new Suunto Quest outdoor sports watch:

Customizable Display
Heart Rate Monitor
Water resistance 30m
User Replaceable Battery
Foot Pod
GPS pod
Memory capacity 1 log in device, up to 80 logs in unit’s memory (log analysis through Movescount)
Data Transfer
Training Analysis
Exercise Programs
Recovery time suggestion
Real Time Recovery
Pace Alerts
Training Duration + Real Time Intensity guidance
Training Duration + Real Time Speed guidance
Training Effect
Automatic and Manual Laps
Interval Timer
Real Time Calories
Real Time Heart Rate
Heart Rate Limit + Zones
Running Cadence

One of the fundamental things to note about the Suunto Quest digital training watch is that it is compatible with, Suunto’s online training diary and community portal. With support to transfer your data to personal computer, or training programs set up in Movescount to the Suunto Quest watch, you are offered real-time training guidance for intensity as well as speed. With the Suunto Quest watch and the Movescount online diary, you have at your disposal, a planning tool that turns your sports wrist watch into a portable personal trainer, allowing you to get the most from each training session.

Suunto Quest Running Pack

Movescount also allows you to customize the display of the Quest watch so you are viewing exactly the information you need in the middle of a workout. Post-workout, the benefits of this watch are that you can wirelessly transfer session data into via the Suunto Movestick Mini (a unique recovery time recommendation and sophisticated performances analysis training tool that includes full heart rate details and speed graphs). In other words the Suunto Quest is the kind of watch that will really appeal to those who want to analyze their training sessions in more depth and gain a deeper understanding of their fitness progress.

There are two color options, black or orange, with Suunto Movestick Mini and the Sunnto Dual Comfort Belt as part of the standard package. The Suunto Quest watch can even be paired with the Suunto Bike POD for bike speed and cadence for runners who are also part-time or full-time cyclists. The Suunto Quest will also be available in running packs that include the wristwatch, Suunto Dual Comfort Belt, Suunto Movestick Mini and Suunto Foot POD Mini. Suunto Quest will be available to purchase in the fall of 2011.