Sticky: Timex Ironman Watch: 10 Baseline Features In ALL Models

Timex IRONMAN Triathlon Watch

When the Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch was released to the world in 1986 it was an overnight success. Ever since, the timepiece has continued to grow and prosper among the world’s endurance community.

This article looks at the main features that have been the building blocks of the watch’s resounding success.

Timex has never been one to rest on it’s laurels and over it’s lifetime, the watch has been subject to several technology innovations and upgrades.

Many of the standard Timex IRONMAN Triathlon Watch features that we take for granted today, were actually on the cutting edge of technology when they first came out.

At first these might strike you as quite basic, compared to what some other watch manufacturers have come out with recently. But these features have proven to work amazingly well. They have stood the test of time for over 20 years!

It just goes to show, sometimes simple is best!

1. 100 hour Chronograph: The Chrono is perhaps the cornerstone of the Ironman watch and features 100 hours of time recording with resolution of 1/100th of a second. In most models you can customize the layout of the chronograph to suit your particular needs or tastes.

2. Multiple Lap Storage: The original Timex IRONMAN Triathlon Watch featured an impressive (for the time) 8 laps of lap storage. Today standard options are 30, 50 and 100 laps. Some models even have the capacity to store 200 laps!

3. Chronograph recall. The recall function allows you to review your last workout. Scroll through and see an overall lap average as well as your best lap time.

4. Programmable alarms. A programmable alarm allows you to specify the date as well as the time at which an alarm will sound. Daily alarms, on the other hand, sound at the specific time every day. Tip: If you have inadvertently set your alarm and now can’t figure out how to turn the thing off, my article on turning the Timex IRONMAN Watch alarm off might be what you need.

5. Multiple time zones. Your IRONMAN watch will keep track of the time and date in two or more time zones, a handy feature for holidays, or those who frequently travel for business. It uses a very simple approach to multi-time zone support: rather than being pre-programmed with cities, time zones, daylight savings rules, etc, it simple provides you with three date and time “slots” which you can set any way you want. Sometimes the simplest approach is all you need.

6. Day and date Display. This may seem trivial, but many digital watches do not permit you to view both the day and the date at the same time. Your Timex IRONMAN Watch permits you to view the date in MM.DD or DD.MM date format.

7. 12 hour or 24 hour Display. An hourly chime is also available and can be toggled on or off.

8. INDIGLO illumination. The INDIGLO feature was pioneered and introduced to the IRONMAN Watch in 1992. INDIGLO illuminates the dial of the watch at a fraction of the battery power. I talk more about INDILGO in my Timex IRONMAN Watch INDIGLO technology post.

9. INDIGLO Night-Mode. NIGHT-MODE mode was engineered due to the amazing reception that INDIGLO received when it first came onto the market in 1992. It essentially lets your Timex IRONMAN Triathlon watch know that it is operating in low light conditions and illuminates the watch face at the press of any button. I have explained how to activate the INDIGLO Night-Mode feature in a previous post.

10. Water resistance. The original Times IRONMAN Watch had the advantage of being water resistant to 100m over the 50m of the original Triathlon. While some IRONMAN watches today are tested to 50m water resistance, swimmers and triathletes will be happy to know, your IRONMAN watch likes water!

6 Responses to “Sticky: Timex Ironman Watch: 10 Baseline Features In ALL Models”

  1. keith Says:

    If I am traveling and swtich to “time Zone 2”, what time zone will the alarm be set in? Does it transfer to the current time? So if its set to 6am CST, but I move to EST, will the alarm still go off at 6am local time?

  2. admin Says:

    Good question Keith! I tested this out on my Timex DataLink and the alarm does indeed tend to work with whichever time zone the watch is using. I can’t vouch for other Ironman models since I only own a DataLink, but I assume it would work the same way in other Ironman watches too.

  3. Greg Says:

    Is there any way to turn off the “beep” sound specifically on the Chrono mode on a Timex Ironman 30 lap watch? I can’t figure out how to make Chrono silent! Thanks

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Greg. In “options” there should be a “chime on/off” setting. Set it to “off” and the “beep” should be silenced.

  5. Ashley Says:

    I have the same question as Greg, except i have the Ironman 50 Lap watch, and I couldn’t figure out where the options were…is there options on this one as well? I am having a hard time turning the beep off on chrono..

  6. Nick Says:

    Ashley, there is an option for 30 lap, so possibly there is one for 50 lap. Press the Set/Recall button, or the button to change your time, and then press the Mode button to shuffle through the changing of the hour, minute, second, day, date. Then it’ll ask if youd like the format to be for TIME 12 or 24 hour, then the DATE mm-dd or ddmm, then CHIME, then BEEP. Turn this BEEP off.

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