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A classic divers watch is a special kind of sports watch (usually analog), designed for scuba diving or even deep sea diving. It must be robust enough to wisthand the harsh corrosive environment of sea water and withstand water preasure to at least 10 atm (100m/330ft in water).

A certified divers watches must pass the international ISO 6425 test, to earn the right to print the word “DIVER’S” on the watch case. The standard requires several stringint tests that ensure the watch is up to the task of, regular activity below the surface.

Our dive watch articles explore the features of the most popular diving watches on the market.

Anyone who thought diving watches had to cost a lot of money have not considered a Casio dive watch. Not only is a Casio watch increadibly cheap with most of the watchmaker’s diving timepieces going for around $50-150, they are robust, functional and also look every bit as attractive as an expensive diving watch.

Casio’s stainless steel watch case bears a polished look that is very sharp. In fact users have reported receiving comments from people who assumed they were wearing a much more expensive watch.

For their price, Casio diving watches stand up as a formidable option that rivals diving watches $100-200 more expensive.

But Casio’s diving watches, like the Sea Illuminator dive watch, do have a small shortcoming. Some users have reported that, the wrist strap is one part of this watch that does in fact reflect the price. Casio watch bands are reported to be hard, rubbery and uncomfortable. The band has a short lifespan too. Expect to replace the wrist strap soon. In fact, if you are considering this watch you might do yourself a favour and replace the wrist strap right off the bat. On the other hand other users have reported no such problems, but for this minor inconvenicene, we think the benefits of a Casio dive watch, still outweight this minor issue.

Some users have resolved the band issue by replacing their Casio bands with a velcro Timex Expedition Adjustable 16-20mm watch band. While the band is for Timex Expedition watches and thust features the word “Timex” on it, it may prove a more comfortable and resiliant fit, that is more easily adjustable than the standard Casio band.

Should you decide to change the straps, it is a simple matter of popping out the Casio strap. Pull out the springs, then attach the Timex stap using the Timex springs. This simple procedure takes about three minutes and can be done at home without visiting a watch store.

Another viable replacement option are Seiko Rubber 22mm Diving Watch bands. These, as well as the Timex Expedition wrist bands can be purchased on Amazon when you purchase the watch.

Timex Replacement Band Seiko Replacement Band

The Casio Dive Watch Range

There are several Casio divers watches to choose from including analog, digital and hybrid analog/digital designs. The hybrids present digital statistics together with luminous hands and markings.

A diving watch is a special kind of sports watch that must pass ISO 6425 in order to print the word “DIVER’S” on the case.

Here is a quick summary of Casio’s most prolific diving watches.

The Casio Men’s Sea Illuminator Analog &
Marine Ana-Digi Dive Watches

Casio Men’s Sea Illuminator
Analog Dive Watch
Casio Men’s Marine
Ana-Digi Dive Watches
Price: $69.95 Price: $59.82

Casio Men’s Ana-Digi Dive Watches

Price: Price: Price:

Casio Men’s Analog Dive Watches

Casio Men's MDV301D-2AV Analog Reverse Bezel Sport Dive Watch
Price: Price: Price: $99.95
Price: Price: Price:
Price: Price: $68.95 Price:

Casio Men’s Pathfinder Sea Dive Watch

Casio Men’s Sea Pathfinder
Solar Atomic Watch
Casio Men’s Sea Pathfinder
Tide Watch
#SPW1000-2V #SPF40-1V
Price: Price:

Casio diver watches look and feel much like other, more expensive luxury diving watches and come packed with a similar array of features. The bezel is packed with information and a curved glass front gives the wearer the appearance of a flat sunken face when beneath the water.

The watch illumination system features two-tone luminous paint – green for hands, blue for hour markers – allowing the wearer to view his vital statistics when environmental light is dim. While the luminous paint of this watch has a limited lifespan compared with higher priced diving watches like the Luminox Navy Seal Dive Watch, the battery powered LED casts a striking “flash-light” like illumination onto the watch face at both 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, so that when you press the button located at the 2 o’clock position, the entire face of the watch lights up and stays lit for 3 seconds.

Most Casio diving watches are water resistant to between 100-200m (330-660 feet) making them ideal for activities in and around the water such as recreational diving, snorkeling and swimming, however you do need to be careful about activities around hot water such as taking a hot bath, a shower or doing the dishes as warm or hot water can cause problems with the watertight seals on watches.

A Casio dive watch like the Sea Illuminator Watch is remarkably well built. The construction is solid and robust and the watch is as easy to read as it is to look at. The watch features a ratchet that functions increadibly well and a screw-down crown that operates as smoothly as one you would expect on a high-end watch and screw-down caseback – rarely found on cheaper watches. If it were not for the poor quality band, Casio could easily justify selling this watch for $200 and over.

Probably not many people would have guessed that Casio dive watches actually represent exceptional value to those on a budget, though for more serious deep water activities, it is worth shelling out a few hundred more dollars. These watches are no Rolex’s or Omega’s, but at a mere fraction of the cost a Casio dive watch is an ideal choice for anyone just looking to get started, seeking backup watch, or on a budget.

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