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There are many well designed divers watches on todays market. Choosing one is a matter of your intended diving schedule together with personal preference.

A diving watch is a specialized watch that is suited to professional and recreational scuba diving. A certified divers watch must pass the international ISO 6425 test. The international standard is a series of tests a watch must pass as a measure of it’s robustness, reliablity and suitability to corrosive sea-water conditions.

Our diving watch articles, present to you some of the more popular diving watch models as well as general information on diving and diving technology.

The LUMINOX Navy SEAL Dive Watch was released by the LUMINOX watch company after just 4 years in the business, when US Navy Procurement officer Nick North caught wind of an earlier model LUMINOX watch that featured an innovative new approach to sport dive watch technology that had not been seen in a divers watch ever before.

At a Glance:

  • Features the “LUMINOX Light Technology” an illumination system powered by borosilicate glass capsules, emitting a glow for clear viewing at all times of the day.
  • Swiss precision and traditonal Swiss movements
  • Water and shock resistant

The stand-out feature of Luminox’s new watch was a luminescent technology that required absoloutely no charging from batteries. In watches made by other brands, even the faintest glowing requires exposure to some form of light source.

Not so with the (soon to be called) Navy SEAL Watch, utilizing micro gas lights or borosillcate glass capsules, embedded on the bezel, hands and markers, the LUMINOX diving watch can be viewed even in total darkness.

This “LUMINOX Light Technology” has the unique property of ensuring LUMINOX dive watches are always viewable. In fact this technology does not require a power source and provides illumination 24/7 with a life span of over 25 years.

The majority of other diving and sports watches on the market use luminescent paint or batteries for their illlumination systems. The disadvantage of luminescent paint is that it requires a lighting source to “charge” the paint enough to emmit light. Luminescent paint tends to peel off with age too. The downside of batteries is that battery illumination drains the power source of the watch and must be replaced every couple of years.

The LUMINOX proprietary technology, that originally served only as a military Navy SEALS watch is now very much available to the consumer. The unique lighting technology of the LUMIONX dive watch is attached to the watch’s bezel, hands and hour markers, meaning you can view all the information needed in a glance, at any hour of the day.

Law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Miliatary have mandated gass capsule technologies in their standard issue equipment in procurement specification MIL-W-46374F. Obviously being able to read vital statistics, even in total darkness is a critical requirement of many such agencies.

Today U.S. Navy SEALS wear LUMINOX Navy SEAL watches as their standard issue timepieces, as do many U.S. Air Force Pilots, as do many other prolific governmental organizations such as search and rescue helicopter controllers, deep sea divers, coast guard patrol officers, secret service personell, law enforcement officers, ATF and FBI government agents, SWAT teams and Border Patrol units.

The unique Light Technology system that is a feature of each and every LUMINOX watch is manufactured by hand. Although it is much more complicated and time consuming to do it this way, it is what makes a LUMINOX Navy SEAL watch special. The extra quality control manufacturing steps LUMINOX enforces and the unique technology of their timepieces requires an increadible amount of care and attention to detail in manufacturing.

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All 3000 Original Luminox Navy Seals Watches feature:

  • Case Material-Carbon reinforced polymer injection molded case
  • Case Diameter-43 mm
  • Bezel-Unidirectional polymer ratcheting bezel
  • Caseback-Black PVD plated stainless steel case back secured with stainless steel screws
  • Crystal-tempered scratch resistant mineral crystal
  • Crown-Double gasket push in crown
  • Water Resistance-200M
  • Movement-Jeweled Swiss quartz movement
  • Battery Life (months)-45
  • End of Life (EOL)-N
  • Strap-PU strap
  • Lug Width-22 mm

Lumionx was approached with an offer to redesign their watch to the strict specification of the US Navy and in 1994 the new watch was accepted by the Navy SEAL team and became their standard divers watch for night missions. But the story does not end there.

Once news got around, LUMINOX was approached by the US Air Force, specifically servicemen flying the F-117 Nighthawk Stealth fighter jet. Already wearing the same timepieces as worn by the Navy SEAL teams, LUMINOX custom-made a watch for these pilots, approaching Lockheed Martin, makers of the F-117 Nighthawk for rights to use a picture of the plane in their marketing catalogs.

A more substantial contract followed with an exclusive arrangement to produce watches for Lockheed Martin and specific timepieces dedicated to other fighter jets such as the F-22 Raptor, the SR-174 Blackbird, the F-16 Fighting Falcon and of course the F-117 Nighthawk.

LUMINOX have since gone from strength to strenght, with many other law enforcement units and elite military groups adopting the watch as their standard issue wrist watch.

With a growing reputation that the LUMINOX Navy SEALS Watch was such a success, consumers quickly warmed to the retail version of the watch, perhaps figuring that if the watch was good enough for the US Armed Forces, then it was obviously good enough for their recreational uses.

From this point on, LUMINOX has expanded their dive watch collection to offer a variety of styles and color schemes and have added new watches to their collection that cater to a wider number of consumers such as divers, sportsmen and women, military groups and more. LUMINOX watches are distributed in 40 countries around the globe.

Lumionx is an American success story, that succeeded through mixing Swiss precision and tradition with technology and innovation and the strict quality and durability requirements of the US Armed Forces.

Founder Barry Cohen, a forward-thinking individual discovered a need in the market and filled it. Cohen who had worked in fashion watches discovered a Swiss self-powered lighting system and saw the potential to make watches readable in low light conditions or even in the complete absense of light.

With a partner, Cohen developed “Lumionx Light Technology” followed by the introduction of the first LUMINOX watch. The name LUMI-NOX is actually a clever mashup of two words: Lumi is Latin for light whereas Nox is Latin for night.

Luminox, a relatively new watch company compared to many other watchmakers who have existed for centuries, released their first watch in 1989. The LUMINOX Navy SEAL Dive Watch was introduced to the world in 1994. The American company has gone from strength to strenght ever since.

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