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A divers watch is a unique type of sports watch, that is designed to be tough enough to withstand the rigor of serious scuba diving and a corrosive sea-water environment.

A scuba diving watch must pass ISO 6425, which is a series of tests that allows a diving watch to bear the word “DIVER’S”. ISO 6425 requires divers watches to be water resistant to at least 100 meters below sea level, to have a uni-directional rotating bezel, to be readable in low light conditions and pass many other stringent tests.

Our dive watch guide elaborates on the properties of a certified dive watch and introduces some of the most popular diving watches on the market.

One does not usually think of Timex when looking for a watch for scuba.

Timex watches are more recognized for their running watches or timers to aid in your aerobic workouts, but if you are seeking a cheap dive watch or backup watch, Timex has some well priced offerings within their lines.

Timex dive style watches are a subset of Timex’s Expedition Watch Line, a series of Timex sports watches designed for adventure and outdoor activities. Watches like the new Expedition WS4, are designed for rough-and-tumble lifestyles, these sport watches possess the features and tools for a range of outdoor activites including compass, thermometer and tide graphs, etc.

The Expedition dive collection was developed to fulfill the need of anyone who participates in water-based activities and requires “Expedition”-like performance. These Timex analog watches are a special kind of waterproof watch built in stainless steel or titanium. They are available in a range of styles and dial color schemes, making them a fashionable as well as functional accessory.

When shopping around for a diving watch, should you seek popular consensus on a scuba diving forum or your favorite watch board, you will likely be directed to the more common diving brands like the Citizen dive watch collection, Seiko or even Casio dive watches, but when you consider the simple elegence found in Timex’s offerings, together with the innovative electroluminescent technology that is unique to the Timex brand, a Timex watch can offer a unique charm not found in other dive watches.

While Casio certainly have much to offer in the cheap dive watch category, a Casio watch will certainly not cater to everyone’s taste. The Casio avoiders often complain of timepieces that are either too large and cumbersome, have poor quality wrist bands and worst of all, are covered by large, flashy and somewhat obnoxious printing like “G-SHOCK” or “WAVECEPTOR”,etc. While some users will be charmed by this, it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

More expensive watch options from Citizen and Seiko rarely dissapoint. These guys know watches, but as you go up in features, you tend to go down in terms of style and that simple elegance that many of us are seeking. Not quite in the over-emphasised way of a Casio watch, with higher end watches you tend to get more “sparky” and “shiny”, overused markers and curves, just because….. well just because they can!

There is nothing wrong with this of course, but it does not float everyone’s boat, least of all those who crave a simple, old-fashion elegance. Of course, these watches are also at the mid-to-higher end of the market, puting them out of reach of anyone just looking for a simple knock-about cheap watch. Timex fills this niche quite nicely.

Nor do Timex diver watches skimp on modern innovation and conveniences. The fundamental classic sport watch features that Timex are famous for have not been omitted from the Timex dive watch’s design.

Like many diver’s watches, the hands and digits of a Timex diver watch are lashed with luminous paint for a distinctive glow in near darkness, the watch also features the patented Indiglo Night Light, allowing one to illuminate the entire watch face at a fraction of the power consumption of other watch lighting systems. Indiglo may have helped make the Timex ironman watch as popular as it is, but don’t think Timex have neglected to take advantage this technology in other watch lines too.

In terms of looks and fashion, you can of course draw your own conclusions. You’ll either like the design of a Timex divers watch or you won’t. Personally I think the Timex dive style collection looks every bit as fashionable as many of the pricier underwater timepieces, without the excessive glitz and fussiness of the higher end “elite” watches. Many wearers have also commented that they have received compliments from observers who assumed they had much more expensive watches.

Contrary to many reviews you may read, the timing ring on these watches does in fact rotate counter-clockwise. I am unaware if this is a recent upgrade from Timex or if the original complaints were ill-founded. Reported accuracy of these watches is also good and within 1 second per week and the watch features a date magnifier which is a very nice touch. The Timex wrist bands are superior to the Casio diving watch bands and feature a unique way to “lock” the over-flowing strap at the end so it does not flap around and get in the way of everything. The band possesses a stainless steel buckled fastener that secures the sturdy resin watch strap in place.

Timex Expedition dive style watches use either a stainless steel or resin case and are shock and water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet) in most models. The watches are rated by depth in meters andsubjected to strict water pressure tests. A Timex sport watch is also bundled with an instruction guide and is covered by a One Year Warranty that can be processed directly with Timex.

One word of warning though. The watch is designed to withstand extreme water depths…


It is vitally important to screw down the crown before use in and around water or else you will soon see fog and water droplets on the inside of the display crystal as one Amazon commenter discovered to his peril.

Wrapping up, a Timex Expedition Dive Watch is a great choice for anyone seeking a stylish knock-around, backup or entry level diving watch that can be used around water without worry. If you need a watch for serious scuba diving activities, you’ll probably want a more expensive diving watch, but if your needs are basic scuba diving, then a Timex dive watch might just fit the bill and save you a couple of hundred bucks in the process.

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You are viewing a collection of Timex dive watches. These watches share the following features:

  • Shock Resistant
  • Secure, robust band/strap (Resin or Metal)
  • Analog Movement
  • Screw-down Crown
  • Screw-in caseback
  • INDIGLO┬« Night-Light
  • Luminiscent Watch hands
  • Water Resistant to 200m (660 feet)
  • Brushed, Metal watch case (Stainless Steel or Titanium)
  • 10 Year Battery Life
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Price: Price:
    Price: Price: Price: Price: Price:

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    1. Jack Says:

      I have 3 Timex watches including 2 dive styles, one mid-range and one more pricey. They are great watches and the higher end, orange dive watch gets more comments than any watch I’ve ever owned. I only buy Timex because they last forever (unlike more expensive watches I’ve had in the past) and because they use a battery which doesn’t have to be changed for years at a time. But their nice looks have come a long way and that doesn’t hurt either.

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