Digital Sport Watch: How Casio Wave Ceptor Digital Watches Differ

Casio digital sports watches present their times in a clear, digital format. A Casio digital sport watch include a chronograph stopwatch feature, with the ability to record laps or splits within the current session. A count-down timer is supported, together with the usual watch features like alarm, multiple time zones and water resistance.

The Casio Wave Ceptor is a line of watches with the ability to receive radio waves.

Tuned into various government time services, Wave Ceptor watches can calibrate themselves to the precise time achieving unparalleled long-term accuracy. With this ability and assuming the is within the appropriate signal zone, the Casio Wave Ceptor can maintain accuracy in the order of one second in three million years.

But with every positive there is a negative, so what is the catch?

The problem with radio watches is that you have to live in an area that receives coverage. You must also not shield the watch from interference, when the Wave Ceptor watch does not receive the signal it automatically reverts to free-running quartz accuracy.

The signal reception can be troublesome under the following conditions:

  • Indoors
  • In the car
  • Near electrical devices, office equipment, appliances and cell phones
  • Near a work site, the airport or any other area where there are likely to be sources of electrical noise
  • Near high tension powerlines
  • Near large objects, hills or mountains.

The signal reception is also better at night time. Calibration can take as long as 12 minutes, but usually only two to five and you should not press any buttons while the watch is calibrating.

The time setting signal is usually broadcast from radio emitting towers which are available in Germany, Switzerland, Japan, The UK, France and the US, although many other countries can receive these signals in limited circumstances.

Another unique benefit of the Waveceptor watches is the watch’s ability to recharge the battery using solar technology. The battery is automatically charged either from indoor light sources or directly from the sun itself.

The unique ability to calibrate itself against the precise time and to recharge the battery, mean that you will never have to set the watch time or replace the battery for the lifespan of the watch.

There are five key digital sports models in the Waveceptor line. The WV200A-1AV, the WV200A-2AV, the WV300A-7AV, the WVM120DJ-7 and WVM120J-1.

WV200A-1AV WV200A-2AV

The WV200A-1AV and WV200A-2AV have a round shaped body and feature large LCD readouts with the capacity to display the day of the week in 9 different languages with 29 time zone settings over 48 different cities. These watches only differ by color and have 200 meter water resistant, stopwatch, with elapsed time, lap time,split time and 1st and 2nd place times, plus a countdown timer, EL Backlight with Afterglow and more.

These watches receive time updates 6 times per day and only from Fort Collins in the US.

WV300DA-7A WVM120J-1 WVM120DJ-7

The WV300DA-7A has a rectangular shaped body and silver case, it has similar features to the WV200A-1AV and WV200A-2AV watches.

The WVM120J-1 and WVM120DJ-7 watches have a round shape and are more business looking than the WV200A-1AV and WV200A-2AV watches.

They are packed with Multi-Band 5 functionality with the ability to receive signals from up to 5 towers worldwide, 6 times per day. They have five alarms and are water resistant to 100M.

All these watches have an approximate battery life of 8 months fully charged and without exposure to light and have power saving features and a low power indicator. They will switch of some features to save battery power when left in low light conditions. The watches feature an auto calendar and hourly time signal.


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