Gents Watch Insights – A Guide To Shopping For Gents Watches

Gents watches are complex, usually expensive and there are plenty of them to choose from (or confuse you no end!). Yes, shopping for that perfect gents wrist watch can be time-consuming and frustrating. So how should one go about buying a gents watch? While there is no universal answer to this question, you can save yourself some time and agony by first asking yourself a few questions.

Gents Watches: Fundamental Buying Tips

In which situations will you be wearing it?

Fundamental to your quest for that perfect watch is when you will wear it and what you will be using it for? Do you require a watch to wear in the office while you’re working or do you seek a gents dress watch that matches your best suit, or a gents sports watch that offers a stopwatch feature?

How Much Money Do You Want To Spend?

Gents wrist watches come in a wide range of prices. While it’s possible to obtain cheap gents watches in almost any style. For higher quality timepieces that will last longer and in some cases hold their value, you can expect to pay a lot more.

Other Details To Consider

Once you’ve determined the situation in which you will be wearing your watch and the style that would best suit your fashion and purposes, it is time to think about some of the more subtle details.

Analog, Digital or Both

Analog watches have a distinctive face with 12-hour markers, often Roman numerals and sometimes minute markers with hands that move. This type of watch is more classic and formal and is suitable for work, business events and other formal occasions.

Digital watches present the time in numbers that are highlighted with an LED (light emitting diode) or LCD (liquid crystal display) face. These watches are more casual and more suitable for sport and fitness workouts.

There is also a combination of these two. They’re less formal than a strictly analog face, but can serve utilitarian purposes being suitable for work and other events within your daily routine.

Movement Power Source

Digital watches feature a battery that powers them, usually an ultra-small lithium battery and can be purchased in electronics stores. The batteries in these watches usually lasts about two years after which it must be replaced.

Quartz watches operate by vibrating a miniscule piece of electrified quartz crystal. A gents quartz watch is extremely accurate, keeping time to about a minute each year.

Mechanical watches, in contrast to Quarts and Digital watches operate via a complicated setup of springs and gears. Mechanical watches require advanced craftsmanship which often results in a hefty increase in price, yet the hand-wound timing mechanism in these types of watches are imperfect. They must be wound on a regular basis and lose about an hour of time over the course of a year.

Watch Case Material and Design

The watch’s case tends to be the cornerstone of a watch’s look, and appeal. Cases can be square, rectangular, round or even polygonal in some makes of mens watches. The finish of the case is something to consider, common options include matte, shiny or inlaid with crystals and other types of jewels.

Analog watches usually have a metal case with common materials including titanium, steel, platinum, silver and gold gents watches. The price of the watch can be influenced by the type of metal used in the case where it is a valuable resource such as gold or silver. There are also alloy varieties where a valuable metal is mixed with a less valuable one, which can bring the price down dramatically.

The crystal is the transparent film that protects the face. Some watch makers have their own unique materials, however common crystal options include synthetic sapphire – a fabricated, clear, ultra-hard crystal, mineral, traditional glass and plexiglass.

A good rule of thumb when considering the crystal type of your watch is that Plexiglass is usually the cheapest and least likely to shatter, but scratches easily. Mineral is more likely to shatter, but less likely to scratch and synthetic saphire costs the most but is the most scratch resistant. Unfortunately it breaks easily.

Watch Band Type

The band of the watch can determine the makeup of the fashionable appeal of the watch in gents dress watches. In more practical-orietned timepieces like gents sports watches or diving watches, durability is more of a concern. Leather is a popular material for fashionable watches, whereas titanium or steel is often used in mens sports watches.

There is much more that could be written about how to buy gents watches. In fact it is conceivable that a thick book could be written on the topic. For more information that focuses more on sports watches – yet contains useful general information, you might want to check out our other article: How To Buy The Best Mens Sports Watch.

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