How To Set The Time and Date on An Invicta Watch (With Time And Date)

Invicta’s original mission was to offer exquisite Swiss watches at prices that are affordable to all, was established back in 1837, soon after the company launched. Ever since, the company has been at the forefront of a new movement in the sports watch industry and remains today, one of the cheapest makers if it’s Invicta Chronograph watches, that carry and air of class and style, while providing the functions that the most hardened sports enthusiasts require.

Most Invicta watches share a relatively defined set of core features, which makes common tasks like setting time and date relatively uniform across the many Invicta watch collections. While some Invicta sports watches carry a suite of more advanced functionality, such as 24-hour time, sun and moon indicator, moon phase indicator and power reserve, the common tasks are similar. The most basic Invicta watch displays Time and Date. Other watches display Time, Day and Date and can display many more fields as you climb up the function ladder. Like setting the date and time for example. Here are instructions on how to set the date of your Invicta watch…

Disclaimer: We attempt to cover the basic technique for setting an Invicta watches in general, there are many Invicta watches and so there may be exceptions to these instructions, however we think this should cover most (if not all) watches made by Invicta.

Setting the Time and Date:

The crown on Invicta watches can be pulled out to three levels. For the purposes of these instructions, “position 1″ indicates the first level the crown can be pulled out to, “position 2″ the second and “position 0″ is when the crown is pushed in as far as it will go.

    1. Pull the crown out so it is in position 1. The watch should stop at this point.
    2. Turn the crown until the correct date is reached
    3. Pull the crown out one more position so it is resting in position 2.
    4. Keep turning the crown until the correct time is reached.
    5. Return the crown to its original position (Position 0)

Once the crown has been pushed into as far as it will go, the watch will begin running again, provide it has been wound and it’s battery ready and charged depening on the watch’s movement type.

Download The Invicta Instruction Manual

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