How To Set The Time, Day and Date on An Invicta Watch

The orignal goal of the Invicta watch company was the find a way to deliver Swiss-quality watches at prices that would make one do a double-take. True to their word, Invicta have carried on delivering top-quality Swiss Quarts watches that not only look amazing, but deliver big time in terms of value and features. Today Invicta continue to deliver top-class sports wrist watches, as can be seen in their vast number of watch collections such as the Pro Diver, Sub Aqua, Russian Diver and Lupah to name a few.

Most Invicta watches have a common set of core features, meaning that many common tasks such as setting the date and time are standard across watches in the Invicta line. While many of the top-end watches have advanced features that are specific to a particular watch, you can count on the fact that nearly all Invicta watches share similar mechanical workings. We have discussed the setting of the time and date in another article. In this article we look at the instructions for Invicta watches that display time, date AND day of the week…

Disclaimer: While this should apply to most Invicta watches that can display the day of the week. We cannot account for every watch that Invicta has ever made, however to the best of our knowledge these instructions should cover nearly all watches made by Invicta (that can display the day of the week).

Setting the Time, Day and Date

Note: For the purposes of these instructions, please note that the crown on an Invicta watch can be pulled out to three different levels. For illustration purposes, please note that “Position 0″ means that the crown (found on the right hand side of the watch) is pushed in as far as it will go, “Position 1″ means the crown has been pulled out to the first level and “Position 2″ means the crown has been pulled out to the second level.

    1. Pull the crown out one level so it is at position 1. (The watch will stop running).
    2. To set the correct date, turn the crown in a clockwise direction
    3. The crown is turned counter-clockwise to set the current date
    4. Pull the crown out to position 2 if you wish to set to time, or push it back in if you have finished
    5. Turning the crown at position 2 sets the current time
    6. When finished push the crown back into the center.

The Invicta watch will start running again once the crown is pushed in provided the batteries are charged or the watch is sufficiently wound depending on the type of watch movement.

Download The Invicta Instruction Manual

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