Womens Sport Watch – The Citizen Eco-Drive Watch

A new trend in the women’s sport watch market, as well as watches in general is self-powering, or eco-driven, an eco-friendly brand of watch that recharges it’s power from the sun and even other light sources like lamp light. The real advantage of these kinds of watches is that you never need to replace the battery over the life time of the watch.

The Citizen watch company was established back in 1924. The founders wanted the brand to resonate with the hearts of people everywhere, which is why they adopted the formal name Citizen Watch Company. Since then, the company has grown and prospered tremendously, expanding their business throughout the world and achieving global recognition. Today Citizen is the world’s largest watch makers and has been every year since 1986.

Citizen is renown for their technology innovations, the company lays claim to the world’s slimmest LCD watch, a voice recognition watch system and professional dive watch that has an innovative electronic depth sensor.

The Ecologically friendly watches are a more recent move from Citizen, with dress model watches to dive watches to sports timepieces the Eco-Drive technology runs perpetually, deriving energy from both natural and artificial light over the lifetime of the watch. These watches never require a battery change making them ideal for the environment as well as tremendously convenient to own.

Do you hate knowing that your watch is only good for one or two years before you have to send it back to the manufacturer or visit your local jeweler to get the battery replaced? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a watch self sufficient enough to derive power from natural sources? Not only for yourself, but for the environment.

The Citizen Eco-Drive line of ladies sports watches offer a delightful thin design that is elegant enough to wear out on the town, yet durable enough for the Tennis Court. The watch features the precision of Calibre E000 Japanese-quartz movement, a slim, circular case made with stainless steel, luminous accents that can be easily viewed in low light, covered by a hardened mineral crystal case, a day and date display which is conveniently located at the three o’clock mark together with a polished stainless steel bracelet. It closes securely thanks to a fold over clasp. This lovely sports watch is also water resistant to 100 meters.

To ensure your Eco-Drive watch is receiving enough light, an important feature of the Eco-Drive timepiece is a low charge warning mode which causes the second hand to jump two seconds at a time as a result of low battery voltage. Don’t worry, the watch will still keep the correct time, it is just an indication that it is time to place the watch in a position where it receives more natural light.

The Eco-Drive watches will run from between 45 days to 5 years if it is put in an area where no light is available to it while in a fully charged state. The watch can be recharged when exposed to a fluorescent desk lamp providing the watch is dial-side up and within about 8 inches of an incandescent lamp (regular light bulb), but no further than 20 inches. Halogen lamps should be avoided as the heat can damage the watch. Direct, bright sunlight, however is the most effective way to recharge an Eco-Drive watch.

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