Ladies Sports Watches – Victorinox Swiss Army Watches For Women

The first Victorinox Swiss Army knife came onto the market over 125 years ago. Many things have changed since then, but the values of the Swiss Army brand have not wavered. When one thinks “Swiss Army Knife” the words “quality”, “precision” and “ingenuity” – all historical company values – come to mind.

The story dates back to the late 18th century. A Swiss factory owned by founder Karl Elsener because the official supplier of the Swiss army, fitting the military men with a knife that would soon become famous. Elsener changed the company name to Victoria in memory of his mother and later to Victorinox and then to “Victorinox Swiss Army” due to the immense reception from American GI’s upon their return to their country in 1945.

If you are like most people, you believe Swiss Amy Knives, those exceptionally handy and clever pocket knives are the only product bearing the “Swiss Army” label and like most people you would be wrong. “Swiss Army Watches” are a very popular make of watches that, like their knives, speak ingenuity and class through the mere elegance of their design alone.

The Victorinox Swiss Army watches must pass several rigorous tests before they are released for sale. These ensure that durability and quality standards are maintained at the highest level and giving you peace of mind that your investment in your watch will always be well spent.

A genuine, authentic Swiss Army watch will have the label “Swiss Amy”, “Victorinox” or “Victorinox Swiss Army” on the dial. All authentic Swiss Army watches have been specially authorized by the Swiss Government to print the famous label.

Being a Swiss watch, small details are attended to including , quartz movement, luminous hands, numerals and a face protected by a sapphire crystal front that is scratch resistant. The watches have an easily operated crown and water resistance is standard to at least 50 meters depending on model, making the timepiece suitable for swimming but not diving. (Unless one of the diving watches from the “Professional” line).

While many of the watches have a macho appeal, remnant of a male dominated Swiss military application, these watches are not just used by the military, they have become widely adopted by the civilian population who recognize the value in the ingenuity and precision of brands that have received the stamp of approval of the Swiss.

Women in particular have become drawn to the relatively recent women’s versions, which have been released as a result of Victorinox’s sensitivity to changing market and fashion trends. Far from the hardened, rough image of the men’s watches, the typical Victorinox women’s sports watch is more feminine, petite and prettier, but still possess the features and qualities that have made the men’s Victorinox watches such a timeless success.

Some of the most common female Swiss Army Watches include the peak, alliance and officer lines.


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