Show Her That You Care With A Ladies Sports Watch – How To Find The Best Ladies Sports Watches For Your Female Friend

This is an article on ladies sports watches.

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When buying a gift for your female friend, whether the ocassion is an anniversary, a birthday or simply a gesture of affection and appreciation, a ladies sports watch makes a great idea for a gift. While you might think that people these days no longer have any use for a watch, now that everyone uses their cell phones or any number of other gadgets when they wish to know the time, many women see watches as a fashion accessory rather than a device that can tell the time and she will appreciate that, unlike her bracelet it can tell the time.

If you are unsure what type of womens sports watch to get her, then read ahead and we will run a few choices past you. Sometimes it can be easier having things in front of you rather than trying to come up with ideas afresh in your mind. Here is an overview of the different types of ladies sport watches as well as a list of some of the most popular brands enjoyed by women. We will also help you determine where to find them and what you should be looking for.

Different Types of Womens Sport Watches

Is your female friend into fitness, or perhaps the adventurous, outoing type who is always looking for the next escapade? There are many ladies sports watches that woud probably suit her very nicely. Both in style and comfort. If she has a fair complexion, then a pastel colored ladies digital sports watch would probably look wonderful on her. Brighter colored designs will match her better if she has darker skin.

It is usually best to play things save, if you should ever be unsure of what designs she likes. You might want to resort to one of the more popular ladies watches on Amazon that you know is the type of sport watch ladies love, or else look at womens designer watches. A womens designer watch is usually an ordinary watch in a classic design that will suit almost any occasion. Do not skimp on a good quality watch or she may feel let down. Cheap ladies watches can usually be recognized by several tell-tale signs. Usually rubber straps and velcro are clues that it is not a quality women’s sport watch, so avoid watches with either of these and other hits that the watch is of inferior class.

Some women are fond of wearing more jewlery and should your friend enjoy a few extra gems, you might consider one of the many women’s sports watches with jewelry in their design. There are many ladies watches that feature diamonds and other gems and contain gold or silver. Some of these can be harmful to the size of your wallet, but the reaction you get when she receives it will likely be worth every cent. If you are really hard up or can not spend a large sum of money, there are many cheaper choices around as well.

Womens Sports Watches Brands

There are a large number of watches to choose from and watch brands for that matter too. Knowing some of the more recognized brands can ensure that you are getting a good deal in terms of quality and value when you buy ladies watches for someone you care about. Some prominant brands you can turn to include.

  • fossil watches women
  • movado ladies watch
  • kahuna ladies watch
  • oasis ladies watch
  • accurist ladies watches
  • diesel ladies watch diesel ladies watches
  • ladies citizen watches
  • timex ladies watches
  • armani watches women / armani women’s watches / women’s armani watch
  • pulsar ladies watches
  • calvin klein ladies watch / calvin klein ladies watches
  • dkny womens watch
  • chopard ladies watches / chopard women watches
  • ladies casio watches
  • breil ladies watches
  • bulova watches ladies
  • cartier watch ladies

What to Look For When Buying a Womens Sport Watch

We have already emphasied than when buying ladies sport wacthes you will impress her more with style than function. That is, unless you know she enjoys a particular activity like say running and can consider appropriate digital ladies watches or ladies chronograph watches that you know she’ll appreciate. Or a ladies waterproof watch if you know she loves to swim and spend time at the beach and around the water. There are many cute looking ladies digital sports watches to choose from, but these tend to lack the functionality of the men’s versions, so if she is a serious athlete, be wary of purchasing a “cute” watch that has limited sports features.

While most girls will be thrilled to receive any good quality watch from you as a gift, if you wish to go the extra mile in terms of detail then you could consider one of the types of watch movement around. There are essentially two types of watch movement in an analog watch, Quartz and mechanical. Quartz watches are battery powerred and more accurate than a mechanical watch, but requires you to change the battery every few years. A mechanical watch does not require batteries, but must be wound. The winding mechanism of a mechanical watch is either manual or automatic. An automatic mechanical watch is a brilliant invention that uses kinetic energy generated through the wearer’s arm movement to automatically wind the watch. Hence the name automatic watches. So if you are looking at ladies automatic watches, you will save her the trouble and hassle of having to manually wind her watch, or change batteries.

Another trendy fashion accessory is a ladies cuff watch. Ladies cuff watches feature a bracelet style band, that does not fully wrap around the wrist. This clasp is much easier and convenient to slip on or off. You might also warm to a charm watch bracelet. Charm watch bracelets look like a regular bracelet with timepiece linking to the main band.

Where to buy

You can save a lot of time by scoping out some watches on before heading to the store. Amazon has a huge range of ladies watches for sale that are often much cheaper than your local watch store. It is also very convienient order online and have your product delivered directly to your location, or even delivered directly to her location if you prefer as Amazon offer a gift wrapping service. If you would prefer to view the watch in person, then you can write down or print out the watches you found on Amazon and ask your local watch seller if they stock what you have in mind. If you cannot find what you are looking for on Amazon or locally, then eBay can be another great place to find a ladies sports watch that is hard to find elsewhere.