Men’s Diving Watches. Three Quality Brands

This article discusses specific brands of Divers Watches.

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Citizen Divers Watches
Seiko Divers Watches
Luminox Divers Watches
Invicta Mens Watch

There are many diving watches on the market. Some are better quality than others, but if you have never owned a diver watch before or have not been diving for any lenght of time, then you may as well be betting all your hard earned cash on one roulette spin.

While all diver watches must satisfy ISO 6425, in order to earn the right to print the words “DIVER’s” on the watch, you will find in practice that quality not just between brands, but individual watches varies considerably.

So which brand can you trust? It is not an easy question when you consider that almost every sport watches company has a diving watch product line. If you are shopping for a divers watch, chances are you will encounter:

  • Timex Dive Watches
  • Citizen Dive Watches
  • Casio Dive Watches
  • Doxa Dive Watches
  • Luminox Dive Watches
  • Invicta Dive Watches – Invicta Lupah Chronograph Watch
  • Pulsar Dive Watches
  • Sieko Dive Watches
  • Rolex Dive Watches
  • Bulova Dive Watches
  • Omega Dive Watches
  • Breitling Dive Watches
  • Suunto Dive Watches
  • Tag Heuer Dive Watches
  • Immersion Dive Watches
  • Vostok Dive Watches
  • Mares Nemo Dive Watches
  • and others

Talk about overwhelming!

While there are countless good quality diving watches to choose from and of course every experienced diver will have their personal favorite, it is reassuring to know that there are certain watch makers who have proven themselves countless times over the years. While there is never any guarantee that a watch will live up to our expectations, we can at least put some faith in companies who have been around for a while and have a proven track record in their niche.

Today we will look at three highly recognized makers of Divers Watches, who have been around long enough to have earned the respect and admiration of divers throughout the world. We give examples of a couple of particular dive watch lines that have become particularly popular.


Citizen Dive Watches


The Citizen Promaster Diver Watch features a case made of steel, black rubber strap and a dial in black. This watch has a day and date display, luminous hands and markers that are luminous. The watch can be viewed even in complete darkness. The watch features Japanese quartz movement is backed by Citizen’s 5 year warranty and is available in a stylish black.


One of the most popular Dive watches on the market today is the Citizen Eco-Drive Aqualand Dive Watch. This watch is capable of withstanding deep water diving to a depth of 200 meters and features triplicate subdials with luminous hands and markers allowing you to view your watch clearly even when there is no light source available. The Citizen Aqualand features a depth sensor that provides an accurate reading to 125 feet and can store your maximum depth in the watches memory bank.

This watch features Citizen’s unique Eco-Drive technology that recharges the watch from sunlight and even artifical light sources. You may never need to replace the battery over the lifetime of the watch.


Seiko Dive Watches


The Seiko Diver’s 200m sport diving watch is automatic, water resistant, shock resistant and has day and date display. Like the name states it is water resistant to 200m or 660 feet and has an indicater to assist you in keeping track of the time. Cased in steal the Seiko watch has Japanese 23 Jewels Automatic movement and a unidirectional knurled bezel, screw down caseback and crown.

With a striking orange/yellow dial and thick, durable rubber strap, this watch for men can be read clearly in the darkest of conditions and will dry out rapidly when you have finished your dive.

Luminox Dive Watches


Luminox combines the durability required by the US armed forces with precision Swiss watchmaking, in a blend of the latest innovations in watch technology. Luminox is noted for being the pioneer of small, luminescent tracer lamps and gained enough recognition that the company was contracted by the US Navy SEALs to build a dive watch for night missions. Their prestige and reputation quickly grew and soon the US Air Force employed them to create a watch for their F-117 Nighthawk stealth pilots.

Today, each Luminox watch features a miniture self-powering micro gas light – specifically borosilicate glass capsules that are securely embedded in the watch hands for illumination in low-light conditions.

The original Navy SEAL series exudes the confidence and courage of the original Navy SEAL dive team. This watch is water resistant to 200 meters (20 ATM, 600 feet) and features Swiss Quartz watch movement, a dual gasket crown piece, a durable shock resistant case, 4-year battery life and 1-year Luminox warranty.

There are of course many more diving watches, some capable, some forgettable, but something for everyone. We will present more dive watch coverage in future posts.

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