Men’s Sport Watches: Casio Pathfinder


The mother of all outdoor men’s sport watches would be hard pressed to outdo the Casio pathfinder watch.

Modeled on the Casio G-Shock watch, a watch model that is well renown as one of the toughest watches on the planet, the Pathfinder series is Casio’s most complete sports watch.

Like the G-SHOCK, it features atomic timekeeping. Casio atomic watches have the ability to receive a signals from a central station and auto-set itself to the precise time. This gives you peace of mind that your watch is always split-second accurate.

The watch can also recharge itself with a fitted solar panel even when the light source is low.

Light strikes a solar cell, behind a sapphire crystal and dial, creating current that keeps the battery charged and ready at all times.

In other words, this watch has the technology to keep it’s battery charged over it’s entire lifespan without the need to ever returned it to the manufacturer for a replacement.

Photo courtesy of Dustin Dekoekkoek

The pathfinder watch also has an accurate altimeter, which updates every two minutes, plus the ability to work to a graphical, target altitude. The watch can alert you as you approach your goal altitude and let’s you log up to 40 sets of data against date and time.

Equipped with all the tools necessary for an outdoors expedition, the Casio Pathfinder includes a built in barometer that can predict changing weather conditions allowing you to prepare in advance for potential adverse environmental factors.

A graphical barometric pattern can show you trends in the weather over a 26 hour period and the watch has a push button activated digital compass that is capable of recording up to five time stamped readings in the watch’s memory banks.

A built in thermometer displays and checks the temperature on a periodic basis with the option of displaying an updated temperature reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit and a tide graph feature can track the rise and fall of the tide in graphical format.

This is a neat feature for fishermen, divers or surfers.

Late night reading will even be possible without torch-light as the watch has an electro-luminescent face panel.

The watch’s smart auto light switch illuminates automatically when you angle the watch towards your face and an auto light feature will activate only when environmental light levels fall below a certain level.

The other standard watch features supported in the Pathfinder include:

  • Auto-calendar
  • t12/24 hour time display including world time or dual time
  • An alarm
  • Stop watch
  • Countdown Timer

The Casio Pathfinder is an ideal choice for anyone planning on venturing into the great outdoors. It comes in a variety of designs, color schemes and pricing options.

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