Men’s Sports Watches: Casio G-SHOCK. The Toughest Sports Watch in the World

Casio Men's MTG900DA-8V G-Shock MT-G Atomic Tough Solar Watch

If you are a rambling outdoor guy, then a Casio G-SHOCK watch may be for you. Renown worldwide as the toughest watch in the world, the G-SHOCK was launched by Casio back in 1983. The design teams had three criteria in mind when they created the concept of the G-SHOCK. First, they sought a watch with a 10 meter free fall capacity that was also resistant to 10-bar of water pressure and with enough battery life for 10 years.

The G-SHOCK was born and is the watch of choice for those who do not want to be concerned about handling their timepiece in a delicate and careful manner. Yes the G-SHOCK can handle a few bumps and knocks, it can be dropped, compressed, submersed in water, frozen and hit with a hammer and still come out as good as ever. These properties make it an ideal outdoors watch, suitable for a variety of scenarios.

While Casio made their G-SHOCK sports watch tough enough to handle being dropped on the floor, or even able to stand up to being smash against a solid object occasionally, Casio decided that this watch would be built to last and so included solar power battery recharge. This means you never have to return your watch to the manufacturer to change the battery and can use a variety of energy hungry functions at all times.

Casio g shock atomic watches are self-adjusting, meaning they receive signals carrying American Standard Time data transmitted from Fort Collins, Colorado. This allows your watch to always keep an accurate time, without you ever having to set it. Real time calibration is also available in most European countries, China and Japan.

The G-SHOCK watch includes an altimeter, barometer and Thermometer, making it the perfect outdoors watch. The standard features of the G-SHOCK watch include a countdown timer and stopwatch making it suitable for athletes and recreational runners. An alarm is included as well as EL Backlight or LED light, World Time or Dual Time, 12/24 Hour Formats, Auto-Calendar and a Tide/Moon Graph.

The toughest watch on the planet comes in a variety of designs and color schemes including the retro body shape of the past, to the more modern and stylish watches that sportsmen and women expect in a modern watch.

If you need a timepiece that will not wear out and will stand up to the rigors of your rough and tumble lifestyle, the G-SHOCK range includes a variety of watches to suit your budget and tastes.


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