Polar F55 Heart Rate Monitor. Advanced, Customized Workout Watch

Personalized Profile: Keeps your heart rate goals on track with personalized targets
Keep U Fit Workout Program: Personal guidance and coaching
Body Workout: Guides you through a muscular strength training program with the Polar Body Workout feature
OwnCal: Tracks your calories and % of fat burned
Comfortable WearLink Coded trasmitter: Digital trasmission eliminates crosstalk interference
User-Friendly Display: Large face with easy-to-read digital split screen display.
Real-Time Data: View exercise time, heart rate and average heart rate
Polar OwnZone: Heart rate limit settings that can be configured automatically or manually
Large, Clear Display: Large easy-to-read display with backlighting and split screen
Safe In Water: Watch case is water-resistant to 30 meters or 100 feet.

When it comes to watches that are capable of maintaining a complex personalized training schedule and history, Polar watches have a lot to offer and are leading the digital sports watch field on several fronts. The Polar F55 exemplifies this strength. If you need help and guidance on how hard you should be training and how often, a Polar watch like the F55 is worth considering.

To put things in context, the F55 Polar watch is the first of Polar’s Fitness and Cross-Training watches. Others include the FT80, FT60, FT40 and FA20. More information on these watches can be found here. Polar Fitness Watches.

A Great Watch And Also A Fitness Coach

The standout features of the Polar F55 watch are the Keep U Fit function (also found on the Polar F11) and the Body Workout feature. Keep U Fit is a feature that sets up a customized fitness program at varying intensity and durations based on the wearers personal details. The watch obtains your details from periodic fitness tests that are designed to test your aerobic fitness level. The cycle is ongoing and a great way to stay motivated.

The Body Workout feature devises a workout program that is designed to tone various muscle groups. An automatically generated workout consists of ten exercise movements, but can be as many as fourteen. Specific exercises can be added or removed by the user at their discretion. The watch selects weights based on sex, age and the current weight of the user.

Sports Watch Features For Any Activity

Other features offered by the Polar F55 include several of the things Polar is recognized for including automatically customized heart rate zones (Polar OwnZone), Calorie measurement with percentage of fat burn (Polar OwnCal), real-time display of fitness statistics, a coded transmission heart rate belt (WearLink), an exercise training diary with 26 exercise files, stopwatch feature and even a relaxation test to measure your recovery (OwnRelax).

Overall, the Polar F55 reviews on Amazon are very positive. This is indeed one of the most popular fitness heart rate monitors that Polar offers The watch is compatible with an optional IrDA adaptor that allows you to transfer your personal exercise data to personal computer and from there to the Polar online website portal, a community of like-minded fitness-inclined members.

An All-Round Activity Computer Watch

If you require a fitness heart rate monitor that will:

  • Lay out a solid plan for achieving your exercise targets
  • Provide feedback on your progress over a period of time with the ability to make adjustments to your current condition based on periodic fitness tests
  • Provide a muscle toning program; and
  • Tell you how relaxed your body is (useful for determining if you are over-doing your training)

Then the Polar F55 Heart Rate Monitor is a powerful and innovative training tool that will keep you on track and provide you with nearly every basic tool for maximizing your aerobic and weight training potential.

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