Running GPS Watch: Garmin Forerunner Interval Workouts

The last post explored the different Garmin Forerunner (GPS Running watch) workout types. In this post we explore Interval Workouts, a feature that can be used for structured repetition training.

The Garmin Forerunner line, a collection of running GPS watch models that are tailored for endurance athletes and fun runners are by far the most innovative of these type of sports watches on the market today.

Garmin have just released two new models, the Garmin Forerunner 405CX, (an upgrade of the 405) and the Forerunner 310XT (an upgrade of the Forerunner 305).

Of the two upgrades, the 310XT is the more revolutionary, but the 405CX, unlike the 310XT is selling at a price very close to it’s predecessor the 405, so is worth the purchase if you are buying a new watch.

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To quickly recap on the last post, all Forerunner watches support “workouts”. Workouts are activity modes of the watch, each activity mode allows you to structure your training in a different way. These workout modes are called: Simple, Heart Rate, Interval and Advanced.

Most runners who have trained seriously in a group should already be familiar with interval training or “rep training”. Repetition training involves running a number of hard efforts with a rest in between.

For example a rep session might go something like this:

WARM UP (20 minutes)

— Rep 1 —
1000m hard <-- The Rep 3 minutes rest <-- The Recovery — Rep 2 —
1000m hard
3 minutes rest

— Rep 3 —
1000m hard
3 minutes rest

— Rep 4 —
1000m hard

COOL DOWN (20 minutes)

The Forerunner Interval Workouts mode can be used to structure a repetition workout. What’s more, by utilizing it’s GPS capabilities, the Forerunner watch allows you to run a repetition over a fixed distance in areas where distance is not marked, like trails and roads.

Unlike Advanced Workouts, Interval workouts can be created on the watch. Advanced workouts, however can only be created using the Garmin software.

An optional warm-up and cool-down period can also be set. If you select a warm-up then the Forerunner will switch to the warm-up phase of the workout when you start the Interval Workout. You must press LAP to end the warm-up and start your first interval.

If you selected a cool-down lap, it enters a cool-down stage at the end of your last interval.

An alarm sounds to notify you of the end of an interval and the watch counts down the time until a new interval begins. An interval can also be manually ended early with the LAP/RESET button.

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