Running Tips: How to Fit Your Runs In

In today’s hectic life, it can be difficult to squeeze in everything that’s really important. So you’ve promised yourself you’re going to get fit…. REALLY get fit this time. You’ve even gone and purchased the gear to get you motivated… shorts, shoes and after looking at some decent running watches, you finally decided to spend the cash.

Yet every time you know you SHOULD be hitting the pavement for your daily run, life inevitably conspires against you at the last minute. Kids, work, study, shopping, or any number of social event that just happen to crop up on the days you know you really SHOULD be doing your run, especially if you’ve missed a few days this week already!

That’s why, when I discovered this article by Gary I Cooper, I just had to post it here. Gary, an experienced runner who has competed in well over one hundred races, has obviously learnt a trick or two in his time. Here are his tips…

How the Busiest Runners Can Find the Time to Run – Your Runs
By Gary I Cooper

When progressing from a week day jogger to the more serious racer there are a few things to consider. Running can be built into any busy schedule if you simply give it some thought. I’ll give you tips just what I did for many years as my day job usually ran into 50 to 80 hour weeks. Once you get your method down pat you won’t even think about. It will just come naturally. I can promise you though, it won’t be for everyone.

Running can’t be done in the mornings too much, unless it’s on the weekends. That was always my favorite time to run because mornings are cooler. Another thing about the mornings is, “it’s your time” the time you have set aside, for you. So whatever unfolds throughout the day your run has already been taken care of. If something in your job or personal life comes up it doesn’t matter. You can look at your runs like putting money into your savings account. Pay yourself first instead of last.

When you do run into heavy hour weeks to where you can’t squeeze in your run this is what you do. When in a parking lot park far away, so you can jog a little to the entrance wherever you’re going in to. In a many story building, take the stairs for your run! Yard work and mowing. Run! Run your run at lunch time. Run your run before going to work. Yes, it probably will be dark. But you should run from your memory since you map your run out at one time. I did say this wasn’t for everybody. But, it’s what I did, I can not tell a lie.

You want to win races or not? You want to be a winner, that’s what it takes dedication. Sorry dedication is a key ingredient for runners. I usually assigned Sunday as my track day for repeats. But if you didn’t make it and have access to track lights, do it! No lights leave your car lights shinning on the track.

Now for your time saver to make sure you can always get your runs in. Treadmill! I bet you knew that. Absolutely the top tip for you; none of the above applies if you own a treadmill. Good luck with your run, just be sure to run your own race. And of coarse when the races end some day always continues to run 4 your life. Running will ensure a quality life style.

Gary is a master’s runner having ran in well over one hundred races. Today he shares his running and racing experience’s to all. He continues to write articles on various good health related issues from a runner’s point of view. He’s a distributor for TriVita one of the leading global providers of nutritional supplements. TriVita is concerned with helping people live healthier, more joyful lives and we know that by finding an overall sense of wellness comes from living a healthy lifestyle. 1-972… (CST) Skype gary.cooper471

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