Running Tips: The Magic Of Morning Runs

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a morning run. I will not lie, it is never easy at first. You are tired, you want to lay in bed just that extra 10 minutes, if you run a lot you are also probably a bit stiff and sore at this time of day.

Yet there is something about exercising in the morning that just sets up a good feeling for the rest of the day. One the hard part of chaning into your running gear, putting on your running watch and getting out the door is over, you are often over the hardest part.
Usually you are feeling much better by the end of the morning’s run which only improves as the day goes on. Somehow you feel more charged, more energetic, more motivated to tackle your daily tasks.

But Lisa Mason expresses it much more succinctly than I possibly could in an article of hers I discovered during the week, so here is Lisa’s version on why you should do morning runs…

Reasons to Run in the Mornings
By Lisa A Mason

I’ve recently restarted my old morning routine of running in the morning. It’s mad a huge difference in how I feel throughout the day, the amount of work I can get done and my mood. There are many reasons to run/jog/walk in the mornings.

Just remember that if you are a long distance runner, preparing for a marathon, etc. that you may not have the energy or speed on a morning run that you would have in the afternoon until you get used to it and it can also help to have a breakfast first for fuel.

Here are my thoughts.

* You can avoid procrastination when you do it first thing in the morning.
* You give yourself an energy boost- helps you wake up and get motivated.
* It’s quieter outside, usually less traffic and fewer people around.
* The smell of the morning air is refreshing.
* Boost your metabolism to help you burn calories throughout the day
* That morning shower feels extra good.
* Create a fitness routine to keep you healthy and in shape.
* Get the cardiovascular workout you need each day.

These are just some of the reasons I think it’s great to run in the mornings. If you absolutely cannot work this into your routine on a daily basis, consider making it a weekend schedule. If mornings are impossible for you, then try to get a run/jog/walk into your daily schedule at some time- whatever time works for you. If your situation changes in the future, try mornings again. You’ll notice the difference in how it impacts your day!

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  1. SDrunner Says:

    I do agree with some of your thoughts: quieter outside with less traffic, smell of morning air, and boost metabolism. But I have found a lot more reasons to run after work, at night. I think it all comes down to is personal preference and how well they perform in each setting. I have found that I run significantly faster at night, so I am definitely sticking to it!

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