Sports and Martial Arts for Better Health

It was thought earlier that only walking, jogging, and running are the exercises that give you a better health. Martial art is also considered to be good for your health if practiced regularly. Once it was learnt only as a fighting art to combat your enemies and to defend yourself.

Surveys have been carried out throughout the world. It has been concluded that people who are in their 40’s or 50’s and do martial arts possess a very good physical health. They have at least 10% less body fat than non martial artists. Their bodies are more flexible, balanced and have strengthened legs. Martial arts have given them a stronger body’s self defense system.

Even the mildest form of martial arts has shown amazing results regarding a person’s health. One such example is of Tai Chi. Carrying out this art delays the aging process. It makes heart stronger as it is kind of an aerobic exercise. We all know aerobics are good for heart. Other benefits of Tai Chi are the same as any other form of martial art can have, i.e., improved balance, flexibility, coordination etc. Pilates and Tai Chi are considered to work well for health benefits.

Talking about the intense forms of martial arts, such as Kickboxing and Tai Kwon Do, they are good for conditioning of a body. But they are basically good if you want to learn the art for combating. If you are practicing the art for gaining health benefits, mild forms are first-rate. Dancing and gymnastics are also good.

Martial arts are not for better physical health only, but are also for better mental health. While in stress, doing martial art can help in managing it well. Stress is a ‘mental’ unhealthiness that affects whole body physically as well. Martial arts help a person in putting aside stress in a better way, providing an overall fitness package to a person.

Considering other sports, like football, hockey, basketball, badminton etc., for better health, they help in coordinating with others. Sports develop an ability to work as a team and to accomplish the goals. Success belongs to everyone in the team, thus, telling us how to share things with a big heart. Failure also puts the responsibility on every player, thereby making every team member not to put blames on others. This is a mental attitude that sports provide us along with a positive outlook. Besides, sports are aerobics and nourish the body for better health, improve decision making powers, build confidence and make your heart stronger.

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