Suunto Watches – What They’re About

I first heard about Suunto when I discovered the Suunto Training Series, an advanced fitness line of sports watches used to assist runners and athletes achieving their goals.

Well it turns out Suunto is much more than just a fitness sport watch manufacturer. They are in fact held in highest regard for their Divers Watches and have gained a reputation for their outdoor watches. We have covered one of Suunto’s GPS Watches in a previous post, the Suunto X10.

I discovered an article this week that describes the Finnish sports watch company and in particular what their core products are.

Some of the individual sports watches listed in the article are admittedly redundant, as the article was written a few years ago, but I thought it summed up the essence of Suunto as a company, so I have posted it here…

Suunto Watches – Why, A Quick Review
By Patrick Young

Suunto Watches are unique and cutting edge, this company has it all in one package. One of the company’s credos is “suunto replacing luck”, and how apt that truly is for the variety and quality of watches, dive computers they turn out! These wrist watch computers are for the urbanite, divers, hikers, sailors, golfers and boarders of all kinds. If you are into outdoor sports in a big way or just want to hang out with an MSN browser on your watch at the local coffee shop, you should look into these watches.

Suunto is a Finnish company and was first started in 1936. Tuomas Vohlonen first invented the liquid filled compass. This was a definite necessity for Finnish troops during the second world, as Finland is a flat country full of ice and snow, not to mention dense forests. The company wanted people to know how to get around, this is definitely the track the company kept up for the last 70 years. Seemingly they have not wavered from those parameters.

The information about Suunto Watches presented here will do one of two things: either it will reinforce what you know about Suunto wristwatches or it will teach you something new. Both are good outcomes.

In the 70s Suunto started with a line of wrist compasses that operated in three dimensions which enabled divers to keep their bearings underwater. By the 80s and the advent of computers, digital instrumentation enabled Suunto to launch devices that calculated how to conduct a safer dive, by calculating the water pressure, and temperatures. These innovations proved that knowledge during dives and not just luck were a lot better and drastically decreased dive accidents overall. One less thing for divers to worry about, because things can go wrong!

Basically Suunto is best know for it’s diving instruments, they are renown with divers the world over. One of their most popular dive watches is the Suunto Stinger, it is a state of the art, full decompression dive computer that is compact in size and made of either steel or titanium. Suunto wrist-watches are not only meant for divers though. They have a lineup of cutting edge watches that cover pretty much any outdoor sports. One of their latest lineups is getting more popular by the day. The Suunto M3i or the Suunto N3 is hooked up to MSN and is available in Canada and the US. This wristwatch computer has a browser onboard so it’s a definite urban hit. I am quite fond of the Suunto X9i which has a GPS, compass, chronograph, altimeter as well as a barometer, if your into hiking and or going into the rough, this puppy’s for you.

Suunto Watches are extremely well made and durable. For the outdoor enthusiast you simply must look further into the Suunto lineup of watches. Suunto Wrist-Watches continues it’s pursuit of taking the guessing out of where your at and where your going. These finely made Finnish watches are a safety asset to any outdoors-person, definitely worth a real good look.

Now you can understand why there’s a growing interest in Suunto Watches. When people start looking for more information about Suunto Watches, you’ll be in a position to meet their needs.

I have written many articles over the years. This is a fairly recent watch site endeavour, but the fact is I have always loved watches. Despite the fact that my first met an untimely demise on a goal post! I get more durable watches now. Oggling and fondling watches is a pass-time!

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