Timex Ironman iControl Watch. Take Control Of Your iPod

It is common knowledge that music can help runners or cyclists find their 'zone'

It is common knowledge that music can help runners or cyclists find their “zone” or to get athlete’s adrenaline pumping and so improve one’s motivation.

Since the emergence of Apple’s line of iPod solid-state devices, MP3 players are small enough, with large enough battery life and hard drives with low enough prices are low enough, that just about any athlete can have access hours of audio content wherever their workout takes them. Sleek and portable, runners, cyclists and rowers from all over the world have made their iPOD shuffle, or nano a standard accessory for their regular workouts.

In fact the popularity of the iPod has become so widespread that large sporting companies have created new products that cater to this market. The Nike+ is an example and can interface with an iPod nano and transmit data from a standard running shoe to iPod.

Timex, a reknown innovator who have always designed their sports time-pieces to be as intuitive and natural as possible have caught onto the trend and have engineered their own iPod interface technology that offers some great advantages to runners who find it difficult to access their iPod while in motion.

The iControl IRONMAN watch is visually identical to the sleek 50-Lap IRONMAN watch T54281, with the exception of a few more buttons, but is fitted with a small receiver that connects with an iPod and effectively puts you in control of your music . This feature has great benefits. You might, for example be in the habbit of having your iPod strapped to your arm – a potentially awkward position to reach when working out, with the iControl, you can control your audio in an an easy button press or two. You might prefer to store your iPod out of the way in a backpack with just the ear phones attached, the iControl is a perfect solution, here too.

Not that, the iControl need be limited to only fitness activities, for example the iControl serves as a remote control when you are in your car, or around the house if you are a user of an iPod audio sound system such as the Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 Audio System for iPod.

As you would expect, the iControl possesses Timex’s highly functional standard features, plus a few extras including highest contract display, chronograph mode with a resolution of 1/100th of a second and recall with 50-lap memory, a Countdown Timer up to 23 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds, 3 programmable Alarms, Water Resistance, INDIGLO illumination, Night-Mode, Multiple Time Zones and Interval timers.

The iControl is offered in five color options: blue green, orange, black, gray and silver. The new buttons are not obvious, so the iControl can easily pass for a standard IRONMAN.

The iControl is compatible with the first generation 1, 2, and 4GB iPod nano, second generation nano (aluminum) 2, 4 and 8GB and the 5th generation (video) 30, 60, and 80GB iPods.

If you wish to purchase a Timex iControl IRONMAN Watch, or would like to learn more there are seven attractive color options to choose from. Simply click on the one you like and you will be transferred directly to Amazon’s secure product page.

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