Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor Choices: Continuous Digital Heart Rate Offerings From Timex

A Heart Rate Monitor Primer

A heart rate monitor device is a high-tech gadget that measure your heart beat, allowing the wearer to view detailed information about their current level of heart rate intensity in a workout.

By measuring real-time heart rate, advanced fitness watches can accommodate personalized heart rate zones training zones.

A heart rate zone is simply a range within which you wish your heart rate to fall when doing a session. The range you set corresponds with the intensity level of the workout, for example for long slow easy recovery runs, you might aim to workout at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate is 220 beats per minute, then your target training zone will be 132-154 BPM. For an anaerobic training session, you generally aim to tax your heart rate at around 80-90%, so your target zone for this type of training becomes 176-198 BPM.

Heart rate zones can be used as a guide to ensure you are working out hard enough. Another use of heart rate monitor watches in watches that measure it is recovery rate. Recovery rate is how quickly your heart beat drops after a high intensity training session. If your heart rate drops too slowly, it might be a sign that you are over-training.

Over-training is when you are not getting sufficient rest between hard sessions. It can lead to long term fatigue, drops in performance, illness and injury. Under-training is where you are not pushing your body hard enough to achieve a performance benefit.

Ideally you should aim to push yourself beyond your current limits, then allow your body sufficient time to recover before repeating the cycle. Finding the right balance can be tricky and is a challenge all sports people face. When in doubt it is generally considered better to err on the side of caution and under-train than it is to over-train.

Timex Heart Rate Monitors For Fitness And Performance

A sports watch company that delivers surprisingly good quality heart rate monitor equipment is Timex.

More noted for their affordable and functional Timex Ironman Sports Watch line, Timex’s advanced sports watches or their specialized heart rate watches come bundled with a heart rate monitoring strap that measures continuous heart rate readings.

All Timex Ironman Triathlon heart rate monitors utilize digital technology. This has an advantage over analogue heart rate devices in that a digital signal is much more reliable around exercise equipment and high voltage power lines. With synchronized transmission, cross talk interference from other heart rate monitors in the area is prevented, so you can rest assured that a Timex Ironman heart rate monitor will not stop working around other devices and equipment.

The heart rate monitor strap has the convenience of supporting user replaceable batteries. Other heart rate monitor companies require you to return the chest strap unit to their factories which is time consuming and means you are forced to train without the device until it is returned. The heart rate strap is also water resistant to 50 meters it will not work in the water, but will not get damaged if submersed in water. It also gives triathletes the option of wearing the heart rate chest strap in their swim leg before activating it for their bike or run leg.

Timex Ironman HRM watches include Target Zones, which are covered above. This allows you to run to a user configured heart rate zone. The watch will sound a zone alarm when you fall outside this zone. The watch will also record your total time in a zone and your maximum heart rate.

Most Timex heart rate watches are also compatible with the Timex Data Recorder. The data recorder is a small external device that records heart rate and GPS data over multiple sessions which can later be transferred to PC for further analysis.

Other common features found in most Timex HRM watches are (includes typical Ironman Features):

  • Average heart rate measurement over a workout and individual laps
  • Recovery heart time
  • 100-hour chronograph with lap and split
  • 30, 50, 100 Lap Storage
  • Countdown Timer
  • INDIGLO Night Light Illumination Technology
  • Alarm with 5 minute backup
  • 2-3 year battery life
  • 50-100 meter water resistance.

Timex Ironman Heart Rate monitor watches add a digital continuous heart rate monitor to a sports watch that has a reputation as a proven performer. Compared with other types of heart rate monitor sports watches, the Timex watches tend to be quite easy and intuitive to learn right off the bat.

While other heart rate watches might offer more advanced and sophisticated features, for those who would rather not spend three days memorizing a watch manual, the Timex heart rate watches have all the features you will probably need, an attractive price tag and are easy enough to use right out of the box.

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