Timex Ironman Watch: Chrono Mode and Lap Storage Explained

The Timex Ironman lap storage system is featured as part of what Timex calls “Chronograph” or “Chrono” mode.

The capacity of your Timex Ironman lap watch depends on the particular model you have purchased. Typical storage capacities include 30, 50 and 100 laps, although there are models that fall outside these ranges.

In this article we will take a look at what Chrono Mode is all about.

Please note: I am attempting to keep this information as general as possible, there are many Timex Ironman watch models on the market and this information might not apply precisely to every watch out there. I do believe that CHRONO Mode functions similarly in most Ironman watches and what I say here will apply in most cases.

Ok. Now I have gotten that out of then way let’s continue…

Below is the button layout for the standard Ironman watch.

Timex IRONMAN Watch Button Schema

The two essential buttons for CHRONO Mode are: START/SPLIT and STOP/RESET

Once you are have switched into a fresh CHRONO Mode and the display is showing all 0’s, pressing START/SPLIT will begin timing.

When the timer is running you will then have two options: START/SPLIT or STOP/RESET.

Pressing START/SPLIT while the Chrono is running will record your “lap” and “split” times.

Now, let me briefly pause to explain a couple of terms.

A “split” is a point in time where a lap is recorded. It is measured based on the start of the current running time.

For example if, the clock has been running for 1:15 and you press START/SPLIT, your “split” time is 1:15. If you press START/SPLIT at 2:32 seconds, your “split” time is 2:32.

On the other hand, a “lap” is the time since your previous “split”.

So, using the previous example: at 1:15 your first “lap” will be 1:15, at 2:32, your second lap will be 1:17 (2:32 minus 1:15), and so on.

Timex IRONMAN Watch Button Schema
Above you can see a graphical illustration of the difference between a lap and a split, taken from the product manual.

So to recap, at the point of pressing START/SPLIT, the current lap and split data will be stored and a new lap started.

At the button press, the watch will briefly show the lap number, the time of the lap you just completed and your split time.

The running time will be hidden for a short period (10 seconds on my DataLink watch). After 10 seconds, the watch will return to the running Chrono.

Tip: If you want to return to the running time sooner, you may press either the MODE, SET/FORMAT or DISPLAY buttons (depending your Ironman model). This will immediately return to the running Chrono.

Tip 2: You can alter the position of the laps and split readings on your watch screen. The Timex Ironman watch face typically has two data lines (can display more in some models). It is possible to configure your lap/split display to either show: lap time on top/split time on bottom or split time on top/lap time on bottom*. To do this switch into a fresh CHRONO mode and press SET/RECALL. The display will read: FORMAT/SET, then LAP/SPL or SPL/LAP. Press START/SPLIT + or STOP/RESET – to toggle between formats, then press DONE to confirm and exit.

*Some models can show other variations of data fields such as time of day.

Pressing STOP/RESET while the Chrono is running will stop the timing. The display will show the data for the final lap and split, if splits were taken.

At this point, pressing START/SPLIT will resume timing. Pressing and holding STOP/RESET will reset the display to zero.

If you hold the STOP/RESET button for a period (2 seconds on my DataLink), the entire workout will be erased. This is useful, if you wish to free up memory space on your Timex Ironman watch.

That’s all there is!

While this may seem amazingly simple that’s because it is! But I believe Timex got it right! The Timex Ironman lap system more than adequately covers the needs of most athletic activities.

In many regards to things in life, time after time it has been proven that often the simple solution works the best. I believe with CHRONO Mode, this is no exception.

Our information page has much more information about the Ironman Watch, including great buying tips. Check it out here. All About The Timex Ironman Watch.

4 Responses to “Timex Ironman Watch: Chrono Mode and Lap Storage Explained”

  1. Ron Says:

    For example if, the clock has been running for 1:15 and you press START/SPLIT, your “split” time is 35 seconds”

    How do you get 35 seconds from 1:15 (75 seconds)????

  2. admin Says:

    That would be because I made a mistake, thanks for pointing that out Ron. The split time at 1:15 would be 1:15, not 35 seconds as it originally stated. I’ve now corrected it.

  3. CJ Says:

    I have the IRONMAN* Triathlon® Sleek 50-Lap…My chrono was working fine up until recently. Typically I enter the chrono mode and press start and it functions almost as a stopwatch, with the running time displayed in the exact location as the four 0’s that show up. When I hit split, the split was recorded, but the actual running time display was NEVER interrupted. Now all of a sudden it displays the running time off to the right side of the screen (big seconds, small milli), and when I hit split it pauses the running timer and you have to wait 10 seconds before it is restored. How do I get it back to normal?HELP!!!!!

  4. admin Says:

    On my Datalink you can toggle the display to show the LAP on the primary line (the large numbers) and the SPLIT on the secondary line (the smaller numbers), or vice versa.

    You do this on the DataLink by lifting the “crown”, not sure how to do it exactly on the Sleek 50-Lap watch. You could consult your manual, or download the manual from timex.com if you don’t have a manual.

    I get the 10 second “freeze” too, don’t think there’s any way to avoid it unfortunately.

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