Timex Ironman Watch: Timex’s Night-Mode Feature

Timex Ironman Watch Night-Mode

In my last article, I talked about the innovative FLIX feature from Timex that activates the INDIGLO night-light feature upon a flick of your wrist and without the need of a button press.

But this is not the only feature related to the Indiglo technology. NIGHT-MODE mode was engineered due to the amazing reception that INDIGLO received when it was delivered to the market in 1992. It essentially lets your Timex IRONMAN watch know that it is operating in low light conditions, so that it illuminates your watch face at the press of any button.

Here we explore how to use the INDIGLO night light and how to activate NIGHT-MODE.

You may be aware of this, but for completion I’ll add, that to activate the INDIGLO night-light on your Timex IRONMAN watch temporarily, press the INDIGLO button.

Check our diagram for the standard Timex IRONMAN watch layout if you are sure about which button to press.

Upon pressing INDIGLO, the electroluminescent technology used in INDIGLO night-light illuminates the entire watch face at night or in low light conditions. This can be performed at any time, regardless of whether NIGHT-MODE is switched on or switched off.

NIGHT-MODE on the other hand, while switched on, will activate the INDIGLO night-light for a full three seconds when any button is pressed. To switch on NIGHT-MODE, press and hold the INDIGLO button for 4 seconds.

When NIGHT-MODE is active, the Moon icon Timex IRONMAN Watch Night-Mode moon will appear. The NIGHT-MODE feature will stay active for 8 hours or until deactivated by pressing and holding the INDIGLO button again for 4 seconds.

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