In the beginning, there was IRONMAN: The Timex IRONMAN watch story

In 1986 when Timex released it’s flagship sport watch product, the Timex IRONMAN Watch the endurance community was taken by storm.

Back to 1984, Timex, working with high profile athletes and representatives of the famous endurance sporting event the IRONMAN Triathlon, created a new digital watch. It was hoped the watch would help arrest lagging sales in the analog watch market, in which Timex was a major player. The result – Timex released their “Triathlon” watches and later after acquiring the rights to the IRONMAN name, set about developing a new watch modeled on the Triathlon design. The result was an instant success – the Timex IRONMAN Triathlon was born.

Elite athletes were not the only ones to appreciate the first generation of the watches, although they certainly liked their IRONMAN’s. Soldiers, lawyers and law enforcement personnel wore the time piece – the watch was, after all, designed to take quite a pounding. America’s youth too, were also amongst the early adopters.

In 1992, the Timex IRONMAN watch received it’s first technology revamp – the electroluminescence technology now known as “Indigo” was installed along with a new paint job. Initial runs of the Indigo IRONMANs were the same as the 1986 design, but were black and silver, given a different wrist strap and sold exclusively at K-Mart. They were not made widely available until a year later in early 1993.

Fast-forward to Today and Timex IRONMAN is one of the most recognized timepieces around the world. It continues to be Timex’s best selling brand and the original design is one of the most distinctive world-wide. The line has seen many upgrades to its technology, has been included in the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History, has traveled into space and is worn on every continent on Earth.

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