Timex Ironman Watch: Timex Ironman Sleek Watches

The Timex “Sleek” watches are an attractively designed aerodynamic looking sports watch that has both amazing looks as well as the traditional Timex Ironman Sports Watch features that have become so widely respected by athletes at all levels of competition.

The Timex Sleek watch is a great choice if you wish to improve your overall fitness and performances in style!

Durable enough for the elite athlete, yet stylish enough for the weekend warrior these watches are great for a variety of scenarios, whether that be running miles on the street, clocking laps of the track, working out in the gym or working in the office, a sleek watch will blend in and may even turn a few heads.

Sleek watches feature extra large push buttons that can easily find your fingers while you are on your run, these include a large front LAP/SPLIT button as well as four side buttons. These watches have an extra large multi-line digital display that presents all your critical data in a clear format. With Timex’s patented INDIGLO technology the display is visible at any time, even at night.

These watches have multiple sports watch mode settings. The chronograph has the capacity to store 100 hours with up to 50 laps of memory and supports a dated training log for easy retrieval of workouts. A two-mode countdown timer lets you perform timed, fixed-length activities, with the option of stopping or repeating the countdown sequence and Interval Timer mode (not included in all watches) allows you to set up variable-length sequences, which is handy for repetitive interval training with specific effort and recovery times. It need not just be used for training either and can be quite useful for activities like housework, where you set up work and rest times.

As is standard on many Timex Ironman Watches, the sleek line support multiple customizable alarms and dual time zones which is great for travelers. Like all Timex Ironman Watches, these watches are water resistant and will stand up to the demands of swimming. Unique to the Sleek line are the comfortable form fitting bands that incorporates a soft synthetic and colorful strap.

If you are looking for an affordable, comfortable, great looking watch with enough sports features for serious training. Timex’s sleek line may well be worth checking out.

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