Timex Sport Watch: Interval Timer Mode

Timex Ironman Watch This article explains how to use Interval Timer Mode, on Timex Ironman Watches that support this feature.

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Interval Timer Mode is a common feature of the Timex sport watch that is a simple sequence of countdown timers.

Each countdown timer counts down from a different value, once an individual countdown timer reaches zero, an alarm is sounded and the next timer activated until all timers have run their course.

The sequence can be programmed to either repeat the entire sequence from the beginning, stop completely, or start the chronograph stopwatch timer.

Interval timer mode is perfectly suited for timed repetition training sessions. Say, for instance an athlete wishes to run hard for three minute efforts, with two minutes easy jogging to recover between each hard effort. To do this session, one would set the first interval timer to 3 minutes, the second interval timer to 2 minutes and then program the sequence set to repeat over and over. In this case the athletes would manually stop the timers when they are ready to finish the session.

The sequence would look something like this:

  • 3 minute countdown….
  • ALARM….
  • 2 minute countdown….
  • ALARM….
  • 3 minute countdown….
  • ALARM….
  • 2 minute countdown….
  • ETC, ETC

The number of iterations of the sequence is displayed on the Timex watch so, if this athlete wishes to repeat this pattern 8 times, she can keep track of how many repetitions she has run.

While Interval Timer Mode is found on many Timex Ironman watches, not all support it, so if you want to take advantage an Interval Watch, you should check very carefully that the watch you wish to purchase supports it.

Many only support a single countdown timer feature. In most cases a single countdown timer can be set to repeat over and over which is fine, but this is not the same as a sequence of variable length countdowns.

Another thing to consider is how many timers you need. For simple interval training like the session suggested above, two timers are all that is necessary, but you may need more if you wish to try anything fancier. Most Timex watches support two or three, but some watch models have many more than this.

If you are a runner, you will appreciate the proven sport watch features of just about any Timex Ironman Watch, but Interval Timer Mode is a feature not supported in every Timex watch, so if you expect you will rely on it heavily check for it specifically.

Timex Interval Watches

It can sometimes be quite tricky to determine which Timex watches have support for an Interval Timer and which do not. To help you find watches with this feature we have hand picked the Timex watches that support this feature as can be seen below.

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